Can I just say again how much I love my school?

I love it when there’s a shit ton of snow on the ground and it looks like a peppermint forest.

I love it when it feels like spring and you can almost get away with short sleeves and lounging on the green.

I love my friends here, and my acquaintances, and the people I haven’t even met yet. Come to think of it the only problem with people so far are the ones I like a little too much.

I love the people who i’ve only known for several short weeks who I feel I can tell anything to.

I love the way I’m being challenged to think in my classes..

and I also love the fact that in two short days I saw Andrea Gibson AND was able to preorder Rachel Maddow’s new book, AND I’M GOING TO GET TO MEET HER AND SHE’S GONNA SIGN MY BOOK. guaranteed with my purchase.

And all of this is possible through mohome.

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